the reason why this exists aka welcome to the new website!

I’m very excited to announce that today is the day! is online and ready for you to use it and enjoy it. (yeah!)

You might know that I’ve been working on rebranding for the last few months.

Maria Guyé has given me plenty of joy and satisfaction since I relaunched the brand three years ago. And most importantly, it has helped many women to increase their self-image and to see themselves beautiful and gorgeous in their custom made outfits.
Just like it has helped many men to see themselves handsome and stylish in their tailored slacks, suits and shirts.

But there were a few things that needed an improvement: first one, the old website was made, for the most part, only in English. Sí. There was a Spanish version planned, but I never made it real. Why? Because by the time the english version was released, it no longer reflected my real work anymore.

El sitio web anterior, Maria Guyé

›If you know me or my work, you’ll know my phylosophy about the 50s is very purist. I like the 50s garments to be true to the era on their design, construction, finishings… Which doesn’t mean there are only the 50s, not at all. And it doesn’t mean either that the 50s fashion is only for the ones who know about it, not at all!

The 50s fashion is suitable for everyone. It is beautiful, feminine for women, masculine for men, elaborated, fresh, also elegant… and very stylish. What’s not to love?

On the other hand, and even if I love the 50s JUST LIKE THAT, with no ‘inspired‘ or ‘retro‘, there is a whole world beyond the 50s. A world of design with no limits or restrictions, a world of free design.

If you add wedding and formal dresses on top of that… it turns out it all does not fit in Maria Guyé – 50s tailored couture – nor in its website. However, we were already doing all these garments in the offline world.

what’s on this website that was not present on the previous one?

  • First of all: there is a Spanish version. Sí. We are based in Barcelona, so this makes a ton of sense.
  • Second: there are WEDDING and FORMAL GOWNS. They are all tailored and, either you can choose one of the styles we suggest, or you can order a custom garment entirely designed just for you.
  • Third: there is also a WOMAN section. With no tags and no limits, for all of these women who don’t care if an outfit is or not 50s, only if they like it or not.
  • Fourth: there are quite a few USABILITY and RESOURCES improvements. Like having the estimated shipping date right at the garment page before you order it, or entering your account to see your orders, track your packages right there and leave your reviews. Cool, uh? 😉
  • Finally, on the BLOG and NEWSLETTER I will talk not only about new styles and what we are doing at the Aguyé Studio, but also I’ll talk about how we dress.
    And I don’t mean the oh-so-typical tips on what to wear depending on your body shape (thought there might be something about that too), but how to finally manage your relationship with your body and your clothes (yes, that difficult love triangle) in a healthier, happier and more fulfilling way.

what’s happened to the 50s Maria Guyé garments?

Every single one of the styles we were doing at Maria Guyé are on the 50s & 40s section. This hasn’t changed a bit, it has just moved from one place to another. We love all these styles more than ever, and we keep adding new designs and options.

On the 50s and 40s section you will find:
Maria Guyé – the women’s 50s line
40s by Guyé – the women’s 40s line
Get tailored! by Guyé – the men’s 40s and 50s line

So Guyé will keep being the 50s and 40s brand, but it will be a part of Maria Aguyé (that’s me) just as it is a part of my work.

As a recap: this, your new Maria Aguyé website will help you dress better, and most of all, like yourself better. Because that’s what’s all about, right?

Thank you for being there with us along the way. <3

PD. Have you already had a look at the new site? What do you like and what would you change? Leave you comment below, I can’t wait to know your thoughts!