Upgrade your tags

It is surprising how clothes can put us tags. And no, I’m not talking about the ones that hang from clothes in a shop. 😀

I’m talking about the effect clothes have on you. For instance, it is not the same wearing a red dress, than the same dress in pink, or in black, isn’t it? Each one makes you feel in a different way.

This happens because garments transmit things. And not only styles. Also feelings, emotions and even values.

Each garment you wear soaks you in what that garment transmits, and therefore, some garments make us feel comfortable and some others don’t. We could say that some are ‘my style’, that ‘are me’, and some others are not.

If we go one step further, there are ideal garments for each occasion: some garments are great to wear on weekends, when you are enjoying your free time and you just want to relax. Some others make you feel ready to conquer the world on that day when you have a job interview for your dream position, or a meeting with an important client. And then there are those garments that make you feel (and look) stunning and gorgeous when you go out on a dinner or to dance.

But the paradigm of a garment ‘with superpowers’ is the wedding dress: that dress that makes you feel magical on your wedding day. It is amazing how the right wedding dress can make you feel, it gives me goosebumps just to think of the brides we have dressed.

Upgrade your tags

Even if sometimes we are aware that choosing the right garments will help you feel as you need to (relaxed, capable and powerful, beautiful/handsome), in our everyday life we are so all out thinking on a thousand things we usually don’t pay attention to that. Just like we are not aware of it when we go shopping. (>>Audience award for the terrible criteria we use during the sales, like for instance ‘this is cheap and cute‘, right before buying items that will end up just for show at the bottom of your closet forever after. Who has never done that? More about the ‘sales effect’ on the post ‘How to dress better without spending more’.)

Which tags do you want to wear? Do you want to be professional, successful, excelent and recognized at your job place? Right, then dress like such person. The feeling of being professional, successful, excelent and recognized on your work will soak you just by dressing like someone like this, and you’ll leave the house ready to conquer the world. And you probably will.

Is it a beautiful, well made garment? You are saying you care about doing things right. A simple, neautral, flattering but discreet dress? It says you are a great professional. Is it a designer evening dress, made of good materials and by expert hands? You are saying that you have a discerning mind and you value good and well made things and, indirectly, that you care enough about yourself to treat you to such a garment.

It is just a consistency matter: just like it is easier to concentrate in a silent enviroment, it is also easier to be what your clothes say you are than being any other way.

And best of all is these ‘tags’ are just as visible and have the same influence on you and on others. After all, our clothes and appearance is the first thing others see of us.

so: if your clothes have an effect on you, let’s choose those garments with the right effect, right?

This is the good news: you can choose what tags you put yourself just by conciously choosing your clothes.

There are many guides you can follow, but for a ‘user level’ it is enough to follow your feelings on each situation. If you stop and allow yourself to feel what that garment or outfit transmits, you will know if it puts you on the right mode. And the opposite too: if you are looking to feel in a specific way, you will probably come up with the right garments, colours and cuts.

In short: I encourage you to choose the right tags. You will see how you feel better and how your life improves more easily, with less effort. You let me know. 😉 ;-*