System change! More exclusivity for you

Spring is arriving! And so are vacation, summer and festival planning (yessss!). 😀

I’ve already been bitten by the bug to plan and imagine all of that time for dances, concerts, dinners with friends, breaks with the other half and time for just being lazy and do NO-THING. Aaawww!

Have you already decided where you’ll go? And what you’ll wear? On our website you have lots of a-ma-zing garments to leave everyone in awe (and to leave yourself in awe too when you’ll see yourself in the mirror, of course).

Buuut today I want to let you know a couple changes I’ve been thinking about for a long time and it’s about time to put into practice:

1. From now on, we will only make 3 garments of each style and colour.

Just as you heard it. I was already making few garments of each, but we’ve made up to 7 or 8 of some colours/styles. Too many.

I want to offer you exclusivity. We make extraordinary garments and that must show also on how “extraordinary” it is to see two of the same. And bearing in mind we receive orders from all over the world, now it will be pretty difficult that you meet another person dressed like you.

2. And the colours selection will also be much more limited.

I know choosing from a range of almost endless colours does not exactly help to decide. And at the same time, that makes us buy materials after the order is placed. Which sometimes leads to sold out colours and searches by land, sea and air.

From now on, each style will be available in a maximum of three colours. Three colours, three units. We will buy materials before launching the new design so there will not be stock problems, and once they’re finished, they’re gone.

¡Voilà! What do you think about this new aproach? I’m looking forward to know your thoughts, please leave a message below.

PS. The new SS’18 Collection – Extraordinary will launch very soon. It will be the perfect occasion to start implementing this system change.

To sign up to the new collection launch you just need to click here >>