The inside matters

… As much as the outside that others see

Today I’d like to talk to you about something we usually don’t pay attention to. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m lately a bit stirred up and experimenting with the inner structures of my dresses, that is: the part of the dress that you can’t see from the outside. It’s a hugely interesting matter because, even though the inner part is not visible from outside, it is also the part that keeps the garment shape and makes it look, fit and suit well (or wrong). Or, paraphrasing a popular spanish tv ad: “what you do inside shows outside”.

And, as I’m now brooding on that inner structure, it turns out that the finishings I was making on my dresses until now (which used to please me), well, I don’t like them anymore. And I had to change them.

This is how they used to be:

The inside matters

And this is how they are now:

The inside matters

As you see, the waist is much more polished and there are straps so you can nicely hang you dress. And the label (which is not visible on the pics, sorry) looks also nicer on its new placement and way in which it’s been sewn.

Doesn’t it look much better? It feels different, uh?

But the point of it all is that, by making this dress, amusing myself in making a beautiful, perfect inside, enjoying to see the result so beautiful, so polished… I realized something much more important:

>> That inner part of the dress, the private part that only you will see, must be as beautiful and so well made as the outside, because it is for you. Taking care of that part, pampering it… is caring yourself. The inside is my love message to you, so that you feel it about yourself when you wear it. So that you feel that, yes, this is what you deserve, what goes with you, the quality standard that matches your being. <<

It’s the thrill of having and wearing something so beautiful, also on the inside, that is a gift and a celebration of who you are. And that, my dear, is important.

I hope you’ll have a wonderful day,