How to choose a strapless garment so it stays put

Hello lovely, it’s great to see you here!

After planning it – and postponing it – for a few months, I’ve finally shaken my embarrassment and fear away and I’ve put myself in front of the camera to answer the one million dollar question, the one every single bride-to-be who comes to the studio asks me: ‘MARIA, I LOVE STRAPLESS GARMENTS, BUT WILL IT STAY PUT?’.

In this video I explain to you why some strapless garments slip down and why some others don’t, and how YOURS needs to be constructed so you know it will stay in place.⠀

Please be kind as this is my very first video and English is not my first language. I hope it’s understandable and it won’t hurt your ears too much… Thanks for watching and I hope it’s useful! <3