The crosscutting inspiration

Sometimes, by looking at nature you learn the most assorted things. By looking at these flowers below, showing up through the bench, I’ve learned that Life doesn’t think about it that much. It doesn’t think if it’s right or wrong, if it will be liked or not, if it’s appropriate or not. It just acts based on what it is, on its own nature, and that’s it.

On the other hand, since confinement started, I’ve been asking myself: “what’s my purpose in this world?” “what can I put in”?. If I join one thing and the other, what I am asking myself is what’s my truth, what can I bring from who I am, what’s my nature.

I’ve come up to three interesting conclusions…
And also, I understand that I don’t need to think things that much, that I can go straight to it and it’ll be ok.


1. In my classes, I don’t just like to teach how to sew well. There’s also a very magical part, that my students on the Wednesdays onsite class (I love you, girls ❤️) appreciate a lot and that is key to my personal satisfaction, which is this other knowledge that I pass on “in-between lines”, which helps my students to have peace with themselves, to value and encourage themselves, to be less critic with themselves, to trust the process more, to look more inside themselves and to love themselves more.

And I’m not telling this to anyone. Students find this when they come to my classes, by surprise, as a nice surprise. And this cannot be anymore. From this moment, I start to explain, loud and clear, what’s in my sewing classes, why they are a bit therapeutical and why you will want to join them (or not).

Because what I like, and what motivates me about teaching how to sew is teaching another person, helping her in her development, and that includes becoming a good sewist (whether amateur or professional) but also her personal growth. This is what motivates me, and I love it and it thrills me.

It’s that truth I was talking about. Well, the truth about my classes is no other than this and it’s been enough hiding it.


2. I feel the urge to spread around a new vision of fashion and clothing. Of the way we consume fashion and how we relate to it. Spread around how the fashion industry works and why we need to change towards a more sustainable fashion. Dress with more love for the planet and for the other people who live in it. And at the same time, discover that doing it is an act of love towards ourselves.

Because the world (and the world are we all) needs a change, and change starts at yourself. And maybe you don’t feel like it (yes I know, change is such a pain sometimes), but not only it is necessary, but it’ll also be a beautiful and rewarding change, I promise. I can tell this based on my own experience.

And how will I do this? That’s the million-dollar question! 😄⠀ Well, as easy as talking to you using this channel, explaining all sorts of things. I can also keep longer posts to be published on my blog (are you subscribed to my newsletter? I cannot recommend it enough!). Or even (with time and a deep breath) I can offer talks and speeches.

But do it. It’s inside of me, it burns. Maybe people will like it or not, I’ll find out. But, just like those flowers under the bench, this is what comes naturally out of me.


3. And last but not least, what means coming out of the closet the least out of the three conclusions I came up to, but not less important just because of it. Maybe what I tend to forget, because it often gets buried under a thousand other activities, but what is the very essence of what Maria Aguyé is: design, beauty.

It’s just that, right now, with all weddings, festivals, parties and all kinds of social activities stopped, I have quite a big fear of launching any new design.

But at the same time, I think we need beauty more than ever, and I think we need to remember that we are alive and that we came to this world also to celebrate. Everything that belongs to the soul, such as art, poetry, music, beauty, is more necessary now than ever. And it just happens that I’m more or less good at creating beautiful clothing.

So let’s do it! Actually, I’ve got some new designs planned, some others partially made, and even some that are already finished. I dive in and, if there’s not enough water at this time, they’ll fill it later (but I hope with all my being there’s water enough for at least a small dip!).

So yeah, let’s dance! Do you want to dance with me?