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Who am I and what can I do for you.

It moves me: designing beautiful garments, creating the patterns to cut them and designing the processes to make them. I believe I am naturally good at these three fields and also I have been training them for quite a few years, so results are being good since a little while already.

I create designs ‘on abstract’ and I also create designs for specific persons: persons with their unique soul, personality, taste, circumstances and body. To me it is a huge enjoyment designing for my clients because there is something magic in dressing a person with the garment that matches her and makes her shine.

Pattern-making is my second love: along with the fact of designing a dress, there are also its forms and volumes, they are inseparable. And I confess: I am a pattern-making nerd. It is amazing (and wonderful) the effects you can achieve by working the volumes of a garment. It is like sculpting: you create a silhouette, you play with the feminine curves and you make the most out of them, you create BEAUTY.

Lastly, none of it would be if it was not made. This is transcending theory and making it reality. Over the years, I have created my own system for constructing the garments we make. Each step, each part of the process has been tested, improved and optimized to achieve the best result. The making system is what enables the garment to be like I imagined it and how the customer wants it, the best possible version of that design.

My clients are moved by these three things: beauty, talent and quality. They are what I have to offer.


My story

Where do I come from.

It all started where it usually does: at home. As a child I had already made myself some garments, but it was during my adolescence when I started making myself pants, dresses and even coats, all of them without having any technical education. The ideas flowed from my mind and I had the urge to make them real.

The pictures of my mother and my aunt in their youth years – back in the 50s and 60s – made me travel back in time. They always were – and still are – elegant and stylish women, so my inspiration was right at my fingertips. To me, that was the most beautiful fashion that could ever exist, and it became the perfect inspiration source for my designs.

Fashion was pulling me so trong that I switched a degree in Biology for studies in Industrial Patternmaking, the only academic training I have in the fashion field. Though I have always worked ‘to measure’ and never industrially. I learned to sew on my own, disassembling and analizing garments and through trial and error. And it went quite well: nowadays I teach my sewing method to others.

When I was 24 and in a much thoughtless humble way, I opened my first Studio under the brand Maria Guyé, where I made all kinds of garments: cocktail and evening garments, wedding gowns, everyday-wear and also traditionally tailored men’s suits. With a clear influence of the fashion from the 50s and early 60s, also from other eras and cultures (such as the ‘Merveilleuses’ from the early 19th century or Japan) and always adapting the design to the client’s taste, body, needs and essence.

Years later I started the second period and I focused only on the 50s fashion, designing and working with the philosophy of faithfully reproducing the feminine silhouettes, flattering cuts and designs full of fantasy and elegance of the era. Now, the Internet had widely spread, which allowed me to create an international business, and customers started arriving from every part of the planet.

Last step (so far) has been adding back Wedding and Evening gowns, and broadening the stylistic possibilities to have room for all design beyond the 50s period. To be consistent, this could not be called the same anymore and I decided to use for my brand my last name in full: Maria Aguyé.

Along this journey I’ve been hugely lucky to find support from my closest circle, but also to find persons who provided light, clarity and strenght: I would not be who I am without my aunt Anna Aguyé, who provided inconditional support and guidance from the very beggining, nor without Gloria Méndez, who I consider my mentor and friend. She knew how to read my pending changes and took me by the hand to successfully finalize them. To them, thank you.


My values

Things I believe in.

I believe in balance. Balance between delicate and strong, elaborated and simple, bold and classic, sensual and elegant, feminine and restrained, colourful and neutral, fluid and masculine. A good design, a garment that’s a pleasure to wear, needs balance between both. One without the other and balance gets lost, and the design lacks that ‘something’ that makes it brilliant.

I believe in the beauty that is in all natural things, and I believe there is an elegance that is both rustic and delicate at the same time.

I do believe that quality is much superior than quantity. I believe in a lifestyle where every object purchased is planned ahead with mindfulness, to ensure the maximum consistency between that new object in your life and the person you want to be. We have get used to a fast cycle of buying and disposing with no reflection. I would like to encourage you to buy mindfully, to value all that’s behind your garments and to see a long term value in them. We don’t need those many items, but we need them to be good.

I believe in respect for nature, and my contribution is creating timeless garments, garments to be enjoyed, lived and treasured. Garments you will want to keep forever and you will pass onto the next generation.

I believe wearing special, beautiful, well made clothes reminds you that you are just as special. And this is something we all deserve.


For what

What we work towards as a company.

  • Empower women through flattering cuts, beautiful designs and the self-confidence that comes from wearing tailored garments.
  • Create value for our clients through timeless design and excellent quality garments, made in short runs that can be worn for the whole life and gifted to the next generation.
  • Generate mindfulness towards how we perceive our garments and clothing.
  • Become a benchmark in tailored couture for excellent craftmanship and our design philosophy.
  • Create a positive impact on our setting and our company: promote a healthy enviroment and treate everyone with respect, and work with suppliers who share these same principles.

I love sharing my latest work, inspiration and thoughts on beauty and empowerment through clothing @maria.aguye. I love seeing my clients in their Aguyé’s too, so share your pictures on the hashtags #mariaaguye #mariaaguyebridal and #mariaaguye50scollection


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The emails I send can be more technical and explain things such as how a strapless dress needs to be to stay up, or they can be more eye-candy-focused and show you the new designs we are working on, or even -and this is becoming my favourite kind- they can talk about freeing ourselves from some beliefs, empowerment through clothes, and how to use the effect our garments have on us in our favour.

Mainly, I will talk to you about fashion, but with my personal approach to it.

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I also want to let you know that I expect your subscription to be bidirectional: I would love you to participate and to let me know your doubts and thoughts, fears and aspirations when it comes to getting dressed. Of course, you are free to get in touch or to not to, but I’d love you to unfold.

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