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Garment foundation

Built-in corselettes that set our  garments apart.

Aguyé garments are known for their perfect bust shapes and their smooth, flattering lines.

Apart from a masterful cut, this is achieved thanks to a built-in corselette with boning and interlinings, that engineers each customer’s figure into the most graceful and perfected version of herself.

Aguyé corselettes are made from either canvas, coutil or cotton bobbinet, and we are now introducing organic cotton canvas within this range (we now use organic cotton canvas by default). They have either plastic or spiral steel boning, carefully placed to ensure a proper support, as well as various interlinings and stay tapes. Steel boning -which is commonly used in corsets- is ideal for corselettes because it is strong, durable, and flexible, while plastic boning allows the garment to be washable.

All these details may be invisible to the wearer but, added to our tasteful designs, thoughtfully made patterns, expert construction and exquisite finishings, make Aguyé garments to be easily recognizable as well as highly coveted pieces of clothing.

How does it work?

The inner corselette:

  • Is totally supportive so you can wear no bra, because it acts like a built-in bra.
  • Makes it impossible for your dress to slip down, which give you total comfort and movement freedom (as well as removing the need for constantly pulling up your garment).
  • Has a 50s-true shape. If you’d prefer it to have a more modern, rounded shape though, let us know and we’ll make it to suit your taste.
    And it is extremely flattering, as it smoothes your curves and creates beautiful lines. It’ll be you, but better.

By default, this structure goes down to the waist and that’s perfect for most people. If you have a larger cup size, (E cup size or bigger), or if you have a waist measurement of 33″/84cm or larger, though, we recommend that you choose the longer version instead, that goes down to 10cm /4 inches below the waist. You will be more comfortable and it will provide optimum support. We will adapt the amount of boning strips to your particular measurements and shapes. There is a specific listing to add the longer corselette feature to your garment.

Will I need to wear a bra?

You will not need to wear a bra with any of our strapless garments as their built-in corselette structure already acts like a built-in bra.

If you’d like to have a bit of extra volume, you can either wear a padded bra underneath, or you can have push-up pads sewn onto your corselette. If the former, we recommend using an unwired bra so the bra wires and the corselette boning don’t get in each other’s way. If the latter, you will need to add it to your order. Again, there is a specific listing to add removable push-up pads to your garment.