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Garment foundation

Built-in corselettes that set our  garments apart.

Aguyé garments are known for their perfect bust shapes and their smooth, flattering lines.

Apart from a masterful cut, this is achieved thanks to a built-in corselette with boning and interlinings, that engineers each customer’s figure into the most graceful and perfected version of herself.

Aguyé corselettes are made from either canvas, coutil or cotton bobbinet, and we are now introducing organic cotton canvas within this range. They have either plastic or spiral steel boning, carefully placed to ensure a proper support, as well as various interlinings and stay tapes. Steel boning -which is commonly used in corsets- is ideal for corselettes because it is strong, durable, and flexible, while plastic boning allows the garment to be washable.

All these details may be invisible to the wearer but, added to our tasteful designs, thoughtfully made patterns, expert construction and exquisite finishings, make Aguyé garments to be easily recognizable as well as highly coveted pieces of clothing.