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Our approach to it

It is important to us to create a new fashion consumer culture: a culture in which we care about who made our clothes, under what conditions, what materials were used and how respectful was the process with the enviroment, from farming the crops to make the fabric, up to shipping the garment to the customer. And also, a new culture in which we no longer buy on an impulse, but instead we buy very few garments (very, very few), and garments of high quality standards.

We use on our garments natural materials whether possible, use paper-based materials on our packaging (no plastics there) and work under fair conditions. And we are slowly but steadily trasitioning towards using organic fabrics on our garments (and we are very excited about it!).

Each garment we make is designed and handcrafted in our small studio in Arenys de Munt (Barcelona) exclusively for you when you place your order. So, as we produce upon ordering, we don’t have any stock leftovers, so no one of our garments ever ends up in our landfills. We buy only the materials we need and don’t waste anything.

Your part

We build our clothing to last. And by that, you can expect yours (if well cared for, of course) to last for many years. We also leave big inlays, so you can have it altered to fit your current body over time.

We believe in garments that last a long time, so that all the effort that went into making it (growing the crop, making the fibers, weaving the fabric, creating the design, making the prototype, drafting your pattern, cutting, making, finishing, packing, shipping and of course, you earning the money to pay for it) both from the earth, our team and every other person involved, pays for it.

Please continue the chain by wearing it for a long time. If a moment arrives when you don’t want to wear it any longer, please consider donating it or selling it. Yes, Aguyé garments in the 50s/mid century line are highly collectable and there’s a second hand market for them.

And if a time arrives when your Aguyé garment is not wearable anymore, we ask you to take the boning, zipper and hook&eye out of it before disposing it. These are the parts that are not recyclable, but everything else is made from natural materials so will descompose in just a few years in a landfill (instead of centuries like synthetic fabrics do), or you can take it to a clothing recycling company, that will use its fibers to make new fabrics. If its boning is made of spiral steel, it is highly and easily recyclable too, please take it to a recycling plant.

Thanks very much!