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all bodies are beautiful and sizes are a lie.

The need to fit in one of the sizes created by the fashion industry has led us to believe that if you don’t fit, you are not right. That there is something wrong. That you are not like you should. That you don’t have a hot body and that this is wrong.
On the other hand, the idea that “all that is not 37-24-36 is ugly” and the beauty standards that we are constantly bombarded with had soak us all up as a society.They are based on the premise that there are beautiful persons and there are ugly persons.

What if I tell you that this is not true?

Sizes do not exist. Perfect magazine bodies neither. On my (currently) 14 years of professionally making garments to measure, I haven’t yet encountered two customers with the exact same measurements. Which means: there are no two identical bodies. We are all unique and different to the rest, which is actually wonderful.

At the same time, it is not true that there are beautiful and ugly persons. We all have beautiful parts of our bodies and other parts that we don’t find so beautiful. And when I say all, I mean each one of us: you too. I’m sure there are parts of your body that you consider beautiful. Am I right? Your beauty already IS. It is there, waiting for you to be more aware of it, to love it, to embrace it.

To your measurements

Message would be: there is beauty in you, just as you are now.

At Maria Aguyé we believe that you are the focus and that we all have beauty in our bodies. That’s why we choose to adapt the garments to the body and not the other way around. That’s why all of our garments are made to measure. Beacuse you and your beauty are the main focus and clothes don’t have to be a tyranny to your body, but they need to be created for it and because of it.
We make new patterns for each customer. Taking into account her own unique measurements, proportions, configuration and curves. Seeking to boost her beauty and to emphasize her virtues. YOUR beauty and YOUR virtues.

When your clothes are made for your body, suddenly it all fits in: nothing pulls, nothing exceeds, there are no wrinkles nor tightnesses. It not only looks much better, it also communicates a much more powerful message: your body is exactly as it should be.

Garments that walk you through your changes.

The fact that you see the beauty in your body does not mean you will not want to change that what you like less. Would you like to be more fit, or maybe loosing weight? If your body changes (and it surely will in one way or another) through the years, your Aguyé garments will keep adapting to it, since they have been built up to allow alterations so they can change easily with your body. This way they will keep adapting to your body so you will always be focus.

We always leave huge inlays that allow to enlarge the garment up to two sizes, and we build up each garment in a way that allows for the easiest alterations possible. And of course, we are talking about solidly constructed garments, made with good quality materials and through thoughtful construction processes that, if you adequately care for, will last up to the next generation.

To your measurements

How do we achieve made to measure garments, without fittings?

The base of it all is intelligent pattern-making. Maria is a pattern-designer nerd: she loves it, she enjoys it and she does it well. And it is a talent that she has been practising for many years, so at this point she does it really well.

Whether if Maria has taken your measurements personally, or if you go check our ‘how to take your measurements‘ forms, you will see we don’t measure chest, waist and hips and that’s it. Not at all. We take measurements exhaustively, with a high detail degree. Which means: we take many measurements. Reason is: as there are no two equal bodies, it happens that we have many measurements that change from person to person. On industrial garment production, to standarize and to simplify, many of these measurements are deduced or calculated from others. But what happens in the real world? It happens that they are not true.

For this reason, Maria doesn’t like deducing anything, she prefers having the real person’s measurement. And what you don’t measure, you’ll need to deduce. That’s why we take so many measurements: to know in detail how is the real body for each client and to be able to make patterns that truly fit her unique body.

We have created our forms with explanations and all kinds of details on every step, to make taking your measurements easy and fail-proof. And even then, when you submit them, we check them to make sure everything seems correct and realistic.

And afterwards? Can there be mistakes during the making? Of course error exists and it is democratic: no one escapes totally from it. It is human to make mistakes and it can happen on different parts of the making process. It is also an opportunity for growth and improvement. From (and thanks to) our mistakes, we have implemented control systems during the whole production process. Which means each pattern is measured once it’s made and every garment is measured during it’s making, again before sewing on the zipper and once more before packing it, and it also gets checked to make sure eveything is ok.

This way we make sure, before shipping it, that your Aguyé garment will fit like a glove and that it will be what we wanted it to be: a garment that makes you feel beautiful, that makes you feel valuable, that makes you feel good.

* Love your beauty *

To your measurements