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Visiting the Studio

Are you visiting the Maria Aguyé studio for the trial of your dress, or maybe to take part in one of our sewing and pattern-making courses? If the answer is yes, we’ve compiled a quick guide to help you make the most out of your visit.
Our formal address is Rambla Riera i Penya 18, Arenys de Munt, Barcelona, but the studio is located righ in front of C Pasqual 12, so you can enter via either address.
You will find us here:

How to get to the Aguyé studio – by taxi

Transfers from the El Prat airport in Barcelona is about a 40 minute taxi ride.

If you are coming from Barcelona instead, it may take longer depending on where you are located, as just getting out of the city will take some time by itself.

How to get to the Aguyé studio – by public transportation

If you are coming straight from El Prat airport
You can get to Arenys de Mar directly by train from the El Prat airport.
You will find the train station (= Renfe, don’t take the Metro) at the T2 terminal of the airport. If your flight arrives at T1 instead, you can take the free shuttle that runs to T2 every 10 minutes. Once at the train station, you can take any train.
You will then have to change platform to take the R1 train line to Arenys de Mar. You can do this at either Sants estació or El Clot-Aragó, I recommend changing at El Clot-Aragó as it is a much smaller station and so it will be easier.
If you are stopping at Barcelona first
You can get to Barcelona by train, just the same way previously described (20′ ride), or either you can take the Aerobus which runs every 5 minutes from both airport terminals and goes to the city center (35′ ride).
From Barcelona, you can take the R1 train line (again, it’s not the underground “Metro”, but the train “Renfe”) at either Sants Estació, Plaça Catalunya, Arc de Triomf or El Clot-Aragó. From Sants, you will arrive in Arenys de Mar in just a shy of an hour, or 47′ from El Clot-Aragó. The way from Barcelona to Arenys de Mar is a lovely ride, with the train in front of the Mediterranean sea most of the time.
You can check the schedule for the Renfe trains here:
Once in Arenys de Mar
You can take a taxi, a bus or, depending on when you are arriving, I may be able to pick you up by car instead. Either way, it’s about a 10 minute ride to the studio.
Both the bus and taxi stops are located about 10 meters from the train station door, on your left hand side as you get out of the station.
If you are taking the bus, you must jump down on the first stop in Arenys de Munt.

How to get to the Aguyé studio – by car

From Barcelona
Take highway C-32 towards Mataró/Girona and take the exit #109 “Arenys de Munt/Arenys de Mar”. (You will find two tolls, totalling 2,79€).
Once outside of the highway, take the way left towards Arenys de Munt.
When you enter Arenys de Munt and find the first traffic light (you will see “Ferreteria Arenys” on your right, at the corner), turn right just past this traffic lights, taking the left lane. Take then the first (and only) street left (just about 5-8m afterwards), which is Carrer Pasqual. You will find the studio a few blocks later, on the left side of the street.
You will most probably find space to park on this same street.

Exploring the surroundings

Arenys de Munt is a beautiful small village, quiet and cosy, surrounded by woods and nature, and it’s much worth the visit. You can have a strall on its small, sunny streets and enjoy the ancient buldings, or explore the surrounding woods and fields to breath and feel the nature.
There is also a good restaurants offer, with excellent places to eat.
Also, there are some other lovely villages on the coast nearby, so you can also enjoy beaches with a quality much higher than those closer to Barcelona. I specially recommend visiting Sant Pol de Mar (2 train stops away from Arenys de Mar), though you will enjoy any of the villages nearby (Arenys de Mar, Canet, Caldes d’Estrac).
Where to eat
There are plenty of good restaurants in Arenys de Munt and around. You may want to check Tripadvisor for that.
An excellent restaurant with lovely gardens, great food and a wonderful service (also with different price options), and the one I always recommend, is L’Era Restaurant. Plus it is 5 minutes walking distance from our studio:
For a vegan meal, you can visit El Rebost de l’Àvia on the main street of Arenys de Munt:
An excellent place to eat a paella (we just call them “arròs” here), seafood or fish is La Marina in Arenys de Mar:
But really, there are plenty of good places to eat around, so whethever you go it’s difficult to go wrong!